All the secrets of “screen mirroring”

How to switch content from a small screen to a large monitor or TV

We rely on our mobile devices when we’re on the move. But because of their small size they sometimes become impractical, especially if we look at something important. That’s why there is screen mirroring, and we’ll explain what exactly is and how to use it.

Screen mirroring can be performed either wired or wirelessly

Screen mirroring is actually displaying content from a smartphone (can also be from a laptop) on a monitor or TV. Of course, not all phones, not all monitors and televisions support this option, so it’s important that you own both devices that have any of the applications or options that this allows.

How does everything work? Wired options include connecting to an HDMI cable, but this is only possible if you switch from a laptop to a larger monitor or TV. Wireless connectivity is reduced to Wi-Fi, with countless options, such as wireless HDMI or various TV boxes (only if the picture is displayed on the TV), as well as numerous applications.

For example, Samsung on some of the newer devices already has a built-in screen mirroring option, on Android that can be achieved with all top devices, combined with Chromecast or Google Home. Of course, if your devices have the built-in Cast Screen option in additional options (available by dragging the top of the screen bar), there is no need to bother with other applications, programs, or hardware.

The software offers numerous possibilities

As far as hardware is concerned, there are Apple TV, Roku, Miracast and Chromecast, with the notion that you have to import them all from the outside because they are not in the market here. For their application, it is enough to keep track of the manufacturer’s instructions and look out for compatibility. But the question is, how do you get it?

The biggest advantage is a better overview of the content itself, regardless of whether it is a movie or business presentation. In addition, manageability is level. Even if you have a touchscreen monitor, you can manage content from your cell phone directly on the monitor. In addition, pairing of the device brings multifunctionality, so with a good connection it is possible to display content from one place on another. Shortcomings are still  heavy hardware availability, but also the hacking potential (as with all other gadgets). However, there is no cause for concern until screen mirroring facilitates work and entertainment.

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