Best Sneakers for Gym and Fitness – How to Choose

You pulled old sneakers out of the closet and you are ready for the gym? Not so fast. You need the right footwear depending on whether you want to lift weights, run on the machine, work on a circular training or all together.

Different types of activities require different sneakers because the leg moves differently in different sports, so the feet need different support. For example, walking requires stiffer sneakers, while running shoes need to be more flexible.

Not all the sneakers are the same

Before you buy exercise shoes, you need to know how to spend time in it. Will you spend most of your time on the jogging bar, do you want to lift weights or take part in some fitness training? Whether or not if some of these activities are primary, or you will do a little bit of everything. 

If you spend most of your time in the gym on the run bar, then you need running sneakers.

During running the foot goes only in one direction – forward. They are recurring movements from fingers to the heels during which the whole body bumps. That is why the emphasis is on good amortization that will take part of the shock while running and keeping your feet and knees.

Foot in running shoes should have a little more free space than it is with other types of tennis shoes. Since the foot moves during running, additional space will prevent you from knocking your fingers in the front of the sneaker and stay with your blisters and bruises on fingers.

If you are moving with weights, you need straight and stable sneakers.

Lifting large loads requires maximum leg stability. Unlike running shoes with great amortization thanks to quality pads, weight lifting shoes are straight for better contact with the surface on which they stand.

Some weight lifters even use good old all star. Those adventurous spirits do it in stockings or even barefoot.

We recommend keeping a sneaker. Avoid those with a lot of pads because you will in this case find it difficult to maintain stability.

Cross-training sneakers for round-the-clock training

Cross-training sneakers are tailored to various activities. If you prefer group trainings instead of a gym, which include a high movement of different intensity and shape, these are the sneakers you need.

If you are engaged in different sports and activities outside the gym, these sneakers are still an ideal choice.

The cross-training sneaker rackets provide stability in side-by-side motion, unlike running where the foot goes just ahead and side support is less important. The sole of these sneakers are also sturdy and durable enough to maintain stability while at the same time soft enough for comfort and shock absorption.

During the purchase

How do you know which type of sneakers you need?

Specialized sports equipment stores generally have split footwear according to the sport they are intended for. Maneuvering through categories is even simpler if you buy sneakers online.

In shopping with you, you must bring your socks. The ideal time for testing is late in the afternoon due to the fact that during the day, due to the various activity of the leg, it is closer to the conditions in which it will be during training.

We hope it is needless to note that appearance is the least important. In regards to budget, you can find high-quality sneakers from $ 35 to about $ 100. For all above that, it’s simply not worth paying.

Buying a sneakers also depends on your foot form.

If you are engaged in different activities, it does not make sense for you to buy special sneakers for each. Buy shoes for the activity you are most often engaged in. Unless you have a big enough budget – in that case go crazy.

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