New Samsung S10 has arrived

10 years after seeing the first copy of the Samsung Galaxy S series, it is officially introduced long waited Samsungs foldable phone, as well as the latest generation of Galaxy S models. We have analyzed the specifications and, of course, the price. Here's what we discovered.
S10 comes in as many as 4 variants:
•  Samsung Galaxy S10 – Check price
•  Samsung Galaxy S10 + – Check price
•  Samsung Galaxy S10e – Check price
•  Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
They are sorted into a standard S10 model, more advanced S10 + a bit larger and with a selfie camera, a lite S10e model with somewhat weaker specifications and a premium S10 5G model with largest dimensions, with a total of six cameras – two front and four rear.
From the novelty, the Dynamic AMOLED display has been introduced, which has distinguished itself from the previous Super AMOLED screens by supporting HDR10 +, a specification specific to Samsung TVs. Novelty is so called Wireless PowerShare that, with wireless, also provides reversible charging, and is an especially interesting ultrasonic fingerprint reader located underneath the screen (except for the S10e model) that enables ultra-fast unlocking of the device regardless of light conditions.
The handset jack is retained and IP68 is certified for water and dust resistance, and there are AKG speakers with Dolby Atmos support.
You will find the most important specifications in the table:

Screen size


Rounded screen



Internal storage

Front camera

Rear cameras


Samsung S10e




Snapdragon 855/
Exynos 9820



10MP, f/1.9

12MP and 16MP

3.100 mAh

Samsung S10




Snapdragon 855/
Exynos 9820



10MP, f/1.9

12MP, 16MP and 12MP

3.400 mAh

Samsung S10+




Snapdragon 855/
Exynos 9820


128GB/512GB/ 1TB

10MP, f/1.9 i 8MP, f/2.2

12MP, 16MP and 12MP

4.100 mAh

Samsung s10 5G




Snapdragon 855/
Exynos 9820



10MP, f/1.9, ToF

12MP, 16MP and 12MP

4.500 mAh

For the end most important thing – how much does it all cost? As you’ve probably assumed so far – a lot.
The price for
Samsung Galaxy S10 is about $899 , while for the more advanced
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus you will get about $999. The simplest model, the
Samsung Galaxy S10e, costs “only” $749.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Although it acts more like a toy than a functional mobile phone, we are confident it we will find its audience.

Folded looks like a bouquet with a 4.6-inch diagonal screen, and folding the Infinity Flex display into a small tablet of 7.3 inches diagonal. It comes with 512 GB of internal memory and 12 GB of RAM, and two separate batteries, each located in a separate “wing”, together have 4.380 mAh.

It is possible to use 3 different applications at the same time, and one of the useful functions allows for customization of applications when switching from a smaller to larger screen. Popular applications such as WhatsApp, YouTube, and MS Office have already been optimized for use on the new interface, and Samsung has also worked closely with Google to keep Android Pie fully supportive of the new display.

Galaxy Fold has 6 cameras:

one on the 6.4 inch front screen, 10 MP and f/2.2
two on the internal tablet screen: one of 10 MP and f/2.2 and another of 8MP and f 1.9
three on the back: 16MP and f/2.2, 12MP and f1.5/2.4 and 12MP and f/2.4

The sale will start in April, and the expected price is about $2,000. ‘Who loves it, get it”. One thing is certain – the time of folded mobile phones is coming. Who can afford them, that’s a completely different story.

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