Questions to answer before purchasing an electric bicycle

You want with a bike to work, but as you get to the office, you are completely covered with sweat? The knees do not serve you well as before and those last 500 feet up to the house you have to walk beside bike? In that case, you might think about purchasing an electric bike. Here’s what you need to know.

1. What is the difference between an electric and an ordinary bicycle?

The main difference is that a regular bicycle is driven exclusively by a driver, while on an electric bicycle the driver is pedaling a small motor with a rechargeable battery. The engine allows you to invest less power in pedaling, while at the same time achieving and maintaining higher speeds than on a regular bicycle.

People often have the wrong impression that an e-bike is similar to a scooter or a motorcycle, or that it only sits on it and drives it without any power. That, of course, is not true.

The driver still has to pedal, but part of the effort takes over the engine. Depending on the model of the e-bike, the engine can automatically assist in driving, or the driver switches him by the switch, so he decides when it wants to drive independently and when it needs extra help.

The motor is located either in the rear wheel or on the front of the frame, while the battery is most often located above the rear wheel or on the bike frame. The best quality parts for e-bikes are made by Bosch, Panasonic, Yamaha, Sony, Impulse and Shimano.

2. To whom is the electric bicycle meant for?

The electric bike is a smart choice for an older population looking for an active lifestyle. If you do not want to get on a job a sweaty or live in an area that requires regular and tiring pedaling uphill, the e-bike is also a good alternative to a regular bicycle. It is an excellent means of transport for the city, and for recreational biking, most will choose a regular bicycle.

The electric bike is unjustifiably causing great controversy, especially in recreational cyclists who are riding a standard bicycle lifestyle. There are two different vehicles with a different purpose and should not be compared.

Having someone choose an electric bike instead of a classic does not mean that the person is lazy or not aware of the beauty of pedaling. According to this logic, the same could be said for all car drivers or those who use public transport. And that, of course, is not so.

3. Are there any restrictions?

Engine power is limited. Namely, in USA countries, the power of the e-bicycle engine must not exceed 750W, which must be switched off at a speed of 28 mph. In case the e-bike is stronger then it is classified as an electric motorcycle it is necessary to register him.

4. Where can I drive an e-bike?

Wherever you want. As there is a division of a regular bicycle on urban, road, MTB and other subcategories, the same is true with an electric bicycle.

So before buying you should know if you need a bicycle for city driving, whether you want to explore forest terrain or macadam or you need something for a long drive. It was the most important decision when purchasing a bicycle, whether it was ordinary or electric.

This is a lithium-ion battery, the same battery powered by smartphones, laptops, electric cars, and more, all the devices that need battery power. And that means battery care on the e-bike is the same as the code, for example, cell phones.

5. How does battery work on an e-bike?

The battery is among the most important parts of the e-bike because it depends on how long you can ride a bike with the engine, which is the whole point of the electric bicycle. If this engine does not work, you will remain with a very difficult vehicle whose ride without some help may be a too big bite.

The battery will eventually lose its capacity so it is wise to keep up with proven manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung or Panasonic. Also, count for the need to replace the battery after some time. If the battery is good and if you take care of it, it should last for a few years.

Before buying an e-bike, check to see if there is a service where you can replace the battery – and be sure to check the price.

On average, battery charging lasts between 3 and 8 hours, depending on battery capacity and manufacturer. Battery capacity also differs in every e-bike, depending on the type of road you drive, speed, driver’s weight, battery capacity, etc. If you only drive a few miles a day, you do not need an e-bike with a reach of 50 miles. But it is also better to reach a little bit more so that the battery should not be charged every day.

6. What is the price of an electric bicycle?

On average, an e-bike needs between $600 and over $1000. Although you can buy a used car for this amount, it should be noted that with e-bikes you do not need to refuel, nor take care of registration and insurance. But it is only a privilege for those deeper pockets.

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