Samsung expands its HDR10 + ecosystem

From now on, more than 40 partners, content creators, smart phone makers, and others
will be able to use the certification program and the HDR10 + logo to increase user
experience with more vibrant content.

Samsung announced the expansion of its HDR10 + ecosystem to as many as 45 industry
partners and announced the construction of a new certification center in China. New
partnerships with companies from different business segments will bring users more credible content and quality image and expand the impact of HDR10 + technology on different markets.

Last June, Samsung launched a certification program and logo HDR10 + in collaboration
with 20th Century Fox and Panasonic. The HDR10 + is a standard new generation
Samsung image processing technology that optimizes the level of light and contrast for
each scene, giving brighter areas darker surfaces to give users new experience and
viewing experience.
HDR10 + Samsung Smart TV users for the first time in Russia and Eastern Europe.
What is HDR and what does it mean for your TV?
“Since HDR is one of the most important technologies for extremely high image quality, the
Samsung HDR10 + format is of great importance. HDR10 + is already well received by
large companies in various industries. Samsung will continue to strengthen HDR’s
standard technological leadership and maintain its presence on the global TV market,
“said Hyogun Lee, executive vice president of Visual Electronics, Samsung Electronics.

In 2017, Samsung launched a top-of-the-line video streaming service with Amazon. This
collaboration with Prime Video has become the first data transfer service that delivers all
4K (UHD) videos to HDR10 +. In 2018, Amazon integrated the HDR10 + support into the
Amazon Fire TVStick 4K, which was launched in October. Another HDR10 + partner
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has now created more than seventy titles compatible
with HDR10 + and plans to have over 100 titles for digital distribution in HDR10 + next
Samsung also builds partnerships with major smart chip makers. Qualcomm, the US
manufacturer of semiconductor and telecommunications equipment and a member of the
HDR10 +, has recently announced that the HDR10 + will be supported on the new
Snapdragon 855 chipset. Arm, the leading UK mobile technology innovation company that
has successfully co-operated the Samsung LSI system, will also be join the HDR10 +
network, which will further increase the impact of HDR10 + in the mobile device category.
In addition, Samsung plans to build a new HDR10 + center in China in December with
TIRT, China’s national consumer testing and inspection center. The center is designed to
help Chinese television makers, including Hisense, TCL and Konk, to approach the
certification process and thus accelerate the expansion of the HDR10 + ecosystem. The
center of China opens after the certification centers built in Korea, Japan and the US
earlier this year.

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