Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2019

Since Valentine’s Day is near and that this text is intended for men, you probably have not even think about  Valentine’s Day. Luckily, you have more time.

Depending on how romantic you are, Valentine’s Day plays a smaller or bigger role in your life. The born cynics, completely vaccinated against romance, claim that this holiday was invented by greedy florists and confectioners. Hands on your heart, probably there are some truths about it. Remember only all that flowers and the bomboniers that shy men are carrying  that day.

The commemoration of today’s Valentine’s Day comes from far away in history at the time of Old Rome. At that time, Christianity was a young religion, and the ruler was the emperor Claudius II. The emperor  forbade marriages and engagement with soldiers to prevent their desire to stay at home instead of going to war. At that time, however, also lived priest  Valentin. The priesthood had to respect the decision, but Valentin stayed with his life goals and secretly married those soldiers who wanted it. The emperors hand naturally caught him up, thrown him in the dungeon.

On Valentine’s Day, 14. February Valentine’s head dropped. Shortly after death, the people proclaimed Valentine’s to saint so today and we in modern times celebrate Valentine’s Day – Day of Love. Valentine’s traditions are different throughout the world.

In England, one hundred years ago, they dressed young children in adults on Valentine’s Day. The children went from door to door and sang the Valentine song. In Wales were gifted wooden carved spoons. Symbols were most commonly hearts and keys and they  wore the message “you have the key to my heart”.

In some countries it is customary for a young girl to get clothes as a gift, and if she keeps the gift, she wants to marry him. Today’s Valentine’s Day is devoted to expressing love.

What to give her for Valentine's Day

If you have just started the relationship, it is pointless to spice up with precious gifts, especially if your partner does not have the same intent. You will find yourself in an awkward situation, for example, if you give the latest model of luxury watch to her, and she has just one small piece for you. If you are in a long relationship or marriage, you will not be surprised by a partner, but at least you have an ace in the sleeve – you know the tastes and affinities of a dear person.

Flowers are mandatory

Flowers are always a nice gift, and Valentine’s Day is of special significance and is just obligatory – at least as a addition to the gift you have given her. Which flowers to choose, are you wondering? If at least a little you understand what flowers are talking about, you can opt for a more complex combination. But if this is a totally unknown theme, then you are free to opt for red roses and you will certainly not make a mistake.

Red roses symbolize love. You can give them to the girl you’re just at the beginning of the relationship, just like your wife after twenty years of marriage. You can even give them a very good friend, but make sure he do not get you wrong.

White roses symbolize purity and innocence. By throwing them you will give an emphasis on the romantic, platonic segment of your relationship and love.

Yellow roses are a sign of jealousy. Yes, we know that in the man’s eye it is just beautiful roses, but the woman you give them will be imagined over the message you send with flowers and you will not be convinced that you gave them without a deeper reason.

Do not give purple flowers to young girls, as they symbolize seriousness and are often associated with sad events.

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Red Enchanted Rose2 Light Modes, USB Plug and Battery PoweredCheck Price
24K Gold Dipped Real RoseA Real Rose, preserved and plated in pure 24K GoldCheck Price
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Girls like to watching their waistlines, but it is hard to resist the box of hand-made pralines or strawberries chopped with chocolate. And not to talk about, for example, ice cream and ice-cream pans with chocolate and caramel that you made alone. You cannot select a sweeter gift. Bring her a gift in the morning to bed.

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Assortment of 9 chocolate-caramel Terrapins3 Original Buttery, 2 Cranberry, 2 Blackstrap and 2 JavaCheck Price
David’s Cookies Chocolate Covered Brownie Bites in Signature TinFresh-From-The-Oven Chocolate Covered Brownie BitesCheck Price
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Chocolate Truffle Assortment Box12 Pieces Of Unique & Exquisitely Luxurious Chocolate TrufflesCheck Price

Cosmetic treatment

Girls like to dress up, but they would be very happy if someone else sometimes worked for them. Do not give her a gift for depilation or anti-cellulite treatment, but for manicure, pedicure etc.

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Professional Manicure & Pedicure Home System10-piece setCheck Price
2 Pack Foot Peel Mask + Nail FilesFresh-From-The-Oven Chocolate Covered Brownie BitesCheck Price
Relaxing Lavender Epsom Bath Salts BagA therapeutic bath salt that promotes relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Also soothes muscle aches and pains.Check Price
Bath Bombs Gift Set12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs. Functional and relaxing.Check Price
Bath and Body Gift BasketIncludes Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Body Scrub, Body Oil, 2 Large Bath Bombs, Bath Salt and a luxurious Bath Towel.Check Price


Give this gift to a girl only if you are completely sure of it. And let her be sexy, not vulgar, because she could be offended. So, forget the red color as much as you like, play it safe and buy a black set or depending on the character of your girlfriend. Also be careful because such a gift opens up too many questions like “Why do you want me to wear this?”, “Am I not  pretty and sexy enough?” Anyway, keep your bill, so if her smile is not exactly what you expected, you can replace it . And write down the size of her bra and panties and point them to the aunty in the store!

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L’amore Womens Low Rise Seamless Comfort Hipster Brief Underwear 3 PackLow-rise Hipster panty in seamfree,lightweight and comfortable constructionCheck Price
Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Bikini PantyBreathable, soft, comfortable cotton bikiniCheck Price
Velvet Triangle Strappy Crushed Lilac Party BraSoft-touch velvet,Soft handle cups,Longline bandCheck Price
Velvet Kitten Sexy and Sweet Short Pijama SetThis pretty pajama set is sure to get his attentionCheck Price
Incredibly Soft Pima Cotton Women’s Pajama Set The Soul MateThe same cotton used in high-end pajamas for newborns, so they’re super soft and comfy.Check Price


The magic of the senses, the perfume, another gift with which you cannot really make a mistake. These liquid jewels give everyone the impression of glamour and elegance, one of the many things the gentle sex desperately desires. That’s why they will be relieved to accept any kind of perfume. But with this gift as well as the undergarment you have to be careful. Probably your dear has her favorite perfume and make sure you give her the one she likes.

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Aerin Premier Perfume Discovery Set4-piece setCheck Price
JOY by DiorVibrant smile of flowers and citrus fruits, the smooth caress of woods and the serenity of musks.Check Price
Coco MademoisellePowerful, deep, addictive fragrance that is irresistible in every way.Check Price
Gucci Bloom Eau De Parfum Spray For WomenBrand New with Box, Unused, UnopenedCheck Price
Lady Million By Paco Rabanne2pc Set 2.7oz EdpCheck Price

Dance course for two

Most girls love to dance, and you probably are not a fan. Think about whether she likes Latin American rhythms or she’s more for standard. Maybe you’re both for some break dance or maybe you’re typing a capoeira for two. You will have a new joint activity and learn something new.


You are probably wondering “what wellness, that costs, where is love in that…”. Not any kind of spa break. You will at home (borrow place from a friend  if you do not have space, pay for someone, expel your parents for one night – go to your relatives by the Sea, You’re on your own) settle a light dinner, light candles at the apartment, fill a bath with a bubbly bath, start a romantic music (we suggest  Sade or Seal) and deliver a lovely spa break, which includes a massage after all. And after the massage she will be so thankful that this Valentine’s Day will be unforgettable for both of you.

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Sivan Health and Fitness 8-Piece Large Black Basalt Hot Stone SetPrepare a relaxing massage with handpicked basalt hot stonesCheck Price

Do It Yourself

Hand-made gifts, hearts, greeting cards, etc., they leave a strong impression to gentle sex. Sometimes it is much better to make a gift than to buy it. They say the handmade gift has a piece of the soul of the one who gives it. If that’s true, what are you waiting for – get yourself to work and impress her.

What to NOT give her for Valentine's Day

There is also a group of gifts on which your dear will just raise her eyebrows and ask herself, “So what am I doing with this schmuck?”


Self help books

Match cards

Cheap jewelry

Membership in fitness club

household appliances

For the end...

Never, but never, for whatever gift you choose, do not give away an unwrapped gift. Use your  imagination and wrap the gift in the most imaginative way. All this is combined with a delicate veil of romance. For example, add something romantic, lonely place with a beautiful view, some special place, a place covered with roses, …

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